HempStraws (aka "EarthStraws")

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First Run April 2021(Sold Out!)

Next Production Run (May 30th, 2021)

Thanks to you, we know HempStraws were a ringing success! Made from naturally biodegradable hemp, kenaf and sugarcane, these straws wont leave a bad taste in your mouth, and let you finish your whole drink in peace. Don't be fooled by Eco-friendly imitators--if it looks nothing like the natural ingredients they say theyre made of, it probably isn't. By reusing agricultural waste(the stalks from heavily grown crops)  Hempstraws are GreenTek Planet's small step towards a more sustainable future. Now you can step in kind. Order Today!

Pioneers' Preorder 

As a non-billionaire funded team of manufacturers, we're all about grassroot support--Preorder and share the word if you love these better than paper--further the mission toward unique, much needed, sustainable alternatives