About Us

At GreenTek, we keep the Bigger Picture in sight.

15% of all Carbon Emissions and 10+ Million tons of waste are produced per year from petroleum plastics, threatening our next generations to new heights.  At this rate, a giant, Godzilla-like Plastic Monster is destined to come to shore asking questions.

Inspired to affect a better outcome, our team of Engineers, Agricultural Scientists, and Environmental Advocates reasoned most single-use plastics were an unnecessary burden on society, and resolved themselves to bringing sustainable alternatives to the masses. 

After the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill ,  thousands of farmers began growing industrial hemp,  which left millions of pounds of stalks as waste each harvest. GreenTek saw the need, and began building the infrastructure to support the flow of renewable materials into eco-friendly alternatives, aimed at minimizing the use of petroleum/oil or scarce trees.

 Our team takes pride in collaborating with "Greater, Greener Brands" who want to create efficient, sustainable economies. Our diverse group of creatives and engineers design and deliver custom requests with incredible turnaround, at unbeatable pricing, with customer support throughout.

 GreenTek's growing list of partners, clients, and supporters is the heart and soul of company, and we take pride in donating proceeds to community organizations leading the fight against the many ails of society(IPCC, PPC, EDF).

With an endless list of products to be made, our team is dedicated to bringing every business one step closer to sustainability-- 
and a GreenTek Planet.